Building Impression Through Phone Calls

Polite treatment by phone at 0800 is the key to success of the conversation. You should never forget the rules of telephone etiquette. You are mistaken if you think that the telephone conversation has no meaning. Compliance with the rules of telephone etiquette contributes to the development of a constructive dialogue between interlocutors, allow you to direct the relationship in the right direction during free phonecalls, long before the scheduled meeting. In our article we will tell in detail about why, to whom and how to use the rules of telephone etiquette.

Why do we need telephone conversation etiquette?

Competent telephone conversation is a complex and important form of communication. Your interlocutor in free business calls cannot see your eyes, face, facial expressions, posture and gestures. He only hears your voice, although it is also unknown to you. Perhaps he is just pretending to be listening to you. And he watches his favorite TV series, makes a sandwich and, languishing in return, and waits for you to finish your monologue. Learning the rules of telephone etiquette will help you to always be an interesting conversationalist, to keep the conversation succinctly and understandable, without wasting too much time, to end the conversation with a positive result. This is especially important for a business conversation, when frequent errors reduce its effectiveness.

The main rule of telephone etiquette is the brevity and conciseness of the conversation. A polite and courteous attitude must be complemented by a clear and precise statement of thoughts. In business communication, you should not use the word parasites, long pauses, vivid emotions and verbal turns.

The interviewee sees neither your clothes, nor your facial expression, nor gestures, nor any other non-verbal aspects that help suggest the nature of communication. However, a well-chosen pause, its duration, or the correct intonation, will help to turn the dialogue in the right direction.

Summing it up

Telephone communication dictates its own conditions and rules of communication. It is the knowledge and compliance with the rules of a telephone conversation – etiquette, distinguishes the professional. Business communication does not allow anything for granted. Your partner should not think out what you had in mind. The success of the negotiations very often depends on the correctness of the conversation and clarity of presentation. Lack of greetings or respectful treatment may permanently turn away potential partners from you. A frivolous attitude towards business conversation can generate the same attitude towards you as a business partner. Knowledge of the basic rules of telephone etiquette is necessary for a successful person.